About Zach

Program Director

Zach Johnson is the visionary behind I.C.C.S Academy. After serving seven years in the Army and spending the last 20 years as a construction manager, consultant, trainer, and general contractor, he noticed the lack of access to high-quality construction training for veterans and other disenfranchised communities around the country. While obtaining hands-on training in the construction industry, Mr. Johnson obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration and Masters  in Training & Development from Dallas Baptist University. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Education with a concentration in global training and development from Northcentral University. As the Program Director, Mr. Johnson’s primary role is to create sustainable relationships with local communities, subject matter experts, construction industry professionals, fellow entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders to start building bridges between those who are seeking employment or need training, and those who need employment. It is the personal mission of Mr. Johnson to remove the negative stigma associated with the construction industry, promote entrepreneurship in the African-American community and serve the global community by advocating for equity and access to everyone.

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