About John

Compliance Director

Starting in construction at an early age, John Wesley Smith, Sr. worked alongside his grandfather who owned a construction company and raised three generations in the trade. With over 20 years of hands-on experience, Mr. Smith has skills that range from laying concrete and landscaping, to estimating and contract management. As the Compliance Director, his responsibility is to create systems that ensure all guidelines and reporting standards are implemented amongst the various partners. Within the apprenticeship program, he serves as the liaison between the apprentices and the construction industry partners with whom he has established relationships. As a Small Business Counselor with the City of Austin, he has the privilege of working with numerous City of Austin construction industry firms and on several projects throughout Austin, Texas. Being a local guy and having a personal relationship to construction is what drives Mr. Smith’s passion and desire to help individuals in the same trade that has provided many blessings for his family.

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