About Derrick

Director of Career Advancement

From playing football on the Fightin’ Texas Aggie team, to completing the most difficult degree at Texas A&M University, a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Derrick Smith has always been a competitor and someone that did not believe in quitting. Prior to the tragedy of September 11th, he was a successful sales and marketing representative in the hi-tech industry; however, due to the collapse, he had to pivot. This pivot set him on the path of entrepreneurship, creating multiple businesses in the financial, hi-tech and construction industry that have spanned over a period of thirty-five years. As the Director of Career Advancement, Mr. Smith oversees the progression of a students’ career plan; from introducing them to careers they may not know, ensuring their apprenticeship placement is an appropriate match and providing mentorship along the way. The mission of I.C.C.S Academy is to impact a million lives and Mr. Smith believes that he is tailor made to fulfill the mission.

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