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Adversities of Working in Inclement Weather

Welcome back to our blog, we hope the information we have been providing in our most recent posts are keeping you engaged. This Sunday we were graced with a snowy morning in Texas. Ironically today we want to touch on working as a construction employee during inclement weather. Get cozy, grab your coffee and lock…

3 Careers in Construction That DON’T Require a Degree

You have been asking yourself, “why should I start a career in construction?”. The question I have for you is have you figured out why? This is an industry that has been growing since the beginning of time. If you read our blog post from Sunday, you would have learned a little bit about Imhotep and the impact, he placed on the construction industry. There are many…

The First Black Architect

Written By: Jasmine Frazier Construction is the foundation of African American history. This dates as far back as 2600 BC. During this time period the first black architect was born. Imhotep, he was an Egyptian Polymath whose name means “He who comes in peace”. He was a physician, architect, mathematician, and astronomer. Although he was…

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