About Us

The desire of the founding partners of I.C.C.S Academy is to “Impact a million lives through construction” via training and education. To include all Americans, the realization that every individual has unique strengths and weaknesses, and must also account for the barriers experienced by specific groups in our society. Accounting for these barriers goes beyond simple acknowledgement, it is the assessment and mitigation of the identified barriers, as related to student and adult learners success. The consistent and systematic monitoring of student progress, coupled with a continued emphasis on building independence, a competent knowledge base, and exposure to career opportunities, makes I.C.C.S Academy’s Registered Apprenticeship for Skilled construction Workers a movement, rather than an organization.

The program serves as an introduction to construction, by allowing participants with little to no experience, to build a foundational knowledge base before entering a construction site. Students with experience are evaluated to ensure the perceived knowledge attained meets the high expectations of employers, and I.C.C.S Academy, with any deficiencies being addressed prior to on-the-job training. The virtual, asynchronous course and on-the-job training through the apprenticeship, accomplishes what has been established by the best practice and research, the building of entry-level skills increases program retention and interest of diverse populations. “Confidence level in soft skills such as communication and knowledge about working on construction sites increases apprenticeship completion rates.” (Kelley and Wilkinson, 2017) The registered apprenticeship systematically links program activities to career goals, utilizing procedures that are designed to embed intrinsic self-worth into every participant. by supporting a vision of a better life for each individual based upon their goals and ambitions.

I.C.C.S Academy accepts all applicants; however the founding partners unabashedly seek to target underserved populations for program participation. The wraparound services design uses evidenced-based research and best practices, to address barriers to success and program completion. I.C.C.S Academy believes that impacting lives means providing tools, access, and solutions for everyone to master the fundamentals of life.

Shereena Johnson

Educational Director

Derrick Smith

Director of Career Advancement

Zach Johnson

Program Director

Carl Burnside, MBA

Wraparound Director