3 Careers in Construction That DON’T Require a Degree

You have been asking yourself, “why should I start a career in construction?”. The question I have for you is have you figured out why? This is an industry that has been growing since the beginning of time. If you read our blog post from Sunday, you would have learned a little bit about Imhotep and the impact, he placed on the construction industry. There are many ways for you to succeed in this industry without a degree. You will leave this article not only with career knowledge but with an open mind to move forward in your future.  

With an industry that is continuously growing you need more employees than you can think of. While technology is growing so is the industry. These technological advances are creating more jobs for people that never expected to work in construction. The first thing you think of when you think about construction is someone on the side of the road building something. Of course, that is one route you can take in this industry, but you could also be behind the scenes of these ongoing projects. We are going to go over 3 careers that you can choose in construction without a degree.  

Carpentry is one of the oldest fields in construction, but it is still a well-paying career path that does not require a degree. A carpenter is someone who specializes in working with wood/timber to construct and maintain buildings and furniture. In the state of Texas, the average carpenter makes $55,903.00. Of course, pay depends on the city that you live in. A carpenter could specialize in cabinetmaking, framework, rough carpentry, scenic carpentry, the list goes on.  

The next career choice we will get into is Equipment Operation. The job description is self-explanatory, but an equipment operator is someone who drives and operates a piece of machinery used in the industry. In the state of Texas, you can make $37, 323.00 a year.  

The third career we will go over is pipefitting. A pipefitter can also be known as a steam fitter, is trained in fitting, assembling, and maintaining mechanical piping system’s that must withstand high pressure. Pipe fitters or steamfitters work with metals that they shape through welding. These pipes thar are created are used on specific job instillations on residential or industrial sites. As a pipefitter you can make $55,872.00 a year. 

It is possible to succeed in this career without a degree. Choosing an entry level career in construction allows you the opportunity to continue to grow with a company you love. Construction allows you to focus on the trade of your choice. We hope this article was able to help you in some way while you look for a new career in the construction industry.  

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